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My English review for the whole year

I think English is one of the most enjoyable lesson of the year because I find it easier to learn with my English teacher. If the class wasted time he won’t shout at us he will wait for us and we have to finish the work. He works with us there well I don’t have no problem with my English teacher. I’ve never seen him anger if you do any thing wrong he will give you a chance but if you keep on messing about he will ask you to leave nicely and when your outside the class room and your still messing about he will speak to you nicely and he won’t shout at you. Since I’ve been in his English class I have learnt more about English I understand more about English then at the start of the year. I never really get in trouble with Mr Waugh. I think I have done more better in my exams then I expected because I find it easier in English.

Thank you Mr Waugh
For a great year
In English.

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I can smell the nice freshly made hot dog
The crowed was shouting when the team scored a goal
He made an amazing catch the crowed clapped him as he ran past the defender
The stadium was shaking when the player booted the ball
The fan called him the great one

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Stuff what I love

See family,
The snowball hit my face I could fell all the coldness on my face
All the wetness was dropping down from my face
It was like I was seating,

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Noun football rugby tennis table tennis netball verb running shout kicking throwing casting

I football-kick
I rugby- pass
I swim- stroke
I hooky- hit
I tennis – smack

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Football is a very popular game.lots of people pay Lots of money to watch on game and teams pays million of pound for one player. There are lots of cup that u can win like the champion lauge fa cup capital one cup the World Cup Whitch brazil won it the most by 5 times.the team I sorrport is Chelsea football club because they are a great football club and have great players like Mata,Hazard,Lamprd,John terry. But the bad thing about Chelsea is that they change the manager to much. But they are one of the best teams in the world.they are 3rd in the primer league this session.

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Morris gleiztman

Morris gleiztman writes the book about a boy who feel left out of his family and don’t get what he want for Christmas and he brother get what he wants for Christmas and he gets jealous of his brother, Luke.

Colin has change for out the book and can handle emotional events.’colin felt the tears pouring down his checks and not even the queen could not stop him.’ This shows that.

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Two weeks with the

The book is about a boy who only thinks about him self and get upset because he never got for Christmas. Then his brother gets cancers so his mum send him to England so he go to find the queen so he can find the cure for cancers then he calls people so he can ask her. He finds a doctor then the doctor tells him the they can’t cure his brother cancer. Then he goes to his friend ted to see how I was and he was beating up.Then he tells his aunty he wants to go back to Australia but she said no and then he wakes up early and get out of the house then a post men give him a latter from the queen then he meets ted at the airport at he sign a latter that he can go on the plane by himself so he get to the hospital and read the latter from the queen and goes in to the room and hugs his brother and starts crying and he says not even the queen can not stop him crying.He never spent to weeks with the queen he spent to weeks with ted who is gay. “When he said that he was allowed one cake band his brother was allowed 4


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